Mentoring programs at work (part 6)

A mentoring program can have significant benefits for your organization.

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This is the sixth HRAskeMe nugget on the subject of mentoring. In this nugget we'll look at ENGAGING participants and MAINTAINING your program.

ENGAGING Participants:

  • Launch your mentoring program with a communications to potential mentors and protegés. This communication MUST be sent over the signature of a senior manager strongly indicating support from that level for the program.
  • This initial communication should clearly state: 1. The case for action /  2. Objectives of the program / 3. Means for signing-up…and 4. Next steps.
  • Matching  mentors and protegés will be your next significant step. You will want to deal with the following considerations: 1. Should self paring be allowed? / 2. At what point in their career should new hires be allowed to join the program? / 3. Can people join the program in mid-stream? / 4. Are there any cultural, gender, generational or other considerations?
  • Plan for a workshop to launch the program to cover the following items: 1. Overview and goals / 2. Benefits to  mentors and protegés / 3. Ground rules / 4. Schedule of any follow-up events and stewardship activities 5 / Review of mentoring skills and available resources…This workshop must be introduced by a senior manager, again to indicate support from that level for the program.


MAINTAINING the program:

  • Assign someone to monitor the program throughout its cycle.
  • Have this person check in occasionally with participants.
  • Schedule a mid-cycle health check. This might be a survey and / or a workshop / team building event.
  • The person monitoring the program should have the skills, resources and support to deal with any issues.


Our final nugget on mentoring will deal with STEWARDSHIP.

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