Mentoring programs at work (part 4)

A mentoring program can have significant benefits for your organization.

This is the fourth HRAskeMe nugget on the subject of mentoring. In this nugget we'll outline the four major steps in the process of developing and implementing a formal mentoring program: PLAN / ENGAGE / MAINTAIN / STEWARD.

Future nuggets will examine each step in detail. For now here is an outline:

  • PLAN – Develop your objectives, schedule, communications plan, budget and other resourcing requirements.
  • ENGAGE – Communicate with employees and managers and include an invitation to participate. Implement orientation meetings for all participants.
  • SUSTAIN – Monitor commitment of all participants. Provide support as needed.
  • STEWARD – At the end of a mentoring cycle, collect feedback in a disciplined manner, develop continuous improvement recommendations and report to management. Hold a wrap up event and report to participants.


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