Mentoring programs at work (part 2)

A mentoring program can have significant benefits for your organization.

This is the second HRAskeMe nugget on the subject of mentoring. In this nugget we outline how the benefits of a structured mentoring program can outweigh those of a more informal process.

A formal mentoring program will have

  • Clearly defined objectives and responsibilities.
  • A coordinated plan for organizational support and infrastructure.
  • A formal program will have a design that makes it accessible to all employees.
  • A plan to measure the benefits for both the organization and individual participants.


An informal mentoring program may have…

  • An adhoc self-directed selection and matching process.
  • A high degree of compatibility between mentor and protegé pairs.
  • Lower costs and resourcing requirements.


Here's a link to our first nugget on mentoring:

A future nugget will look at the different roles of mentor and supervisor in the development of an employee.

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