Effective Leadership


Inspirational leadership is a very rare quality. You can learn to be an effective leader however by following the 4 "Cs" Model:

1. Competence:

Teams want to have confidence that their leader knows her job. You must master the details of your own responsibilities. Learn how to plan, organize, implement, control, steward and continuously improve. Understand your own organization, how it works, its strengths and its weaknesses. Learn about the external and internal environments in which you operate. Understand what drives your management.

2. Consistency:

Develop, document and apply a framework of values, principles and a process for making and communicating your decisions. Being consistent means that your team members understand how and why you make decisions. You can change decisions (when circumstances change) and keep your team members onside if they know the how and why of your process.

3. Courage:

As a leader you will face frequent challenges from your management, your employees, your customers and your suppliers. Foundations for meeting these challenges are your competence and the consistent application of your values and principles.

4. Compassion:

Effective military leaders are mission focused while remaining committed to the safety and survival of their troops. You can apply the same principles in business. Make sure that safety is your first priority in all your operations. Understand and account for the human impacts of your plans.

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