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Your BRAND is on stage all the time – a message for recruiters


"(Your brand is) on stage all the time." This is one of the conclusions that Bruce Philp reaches in his excellent and thought provoking book Consumer Republic1 (p.195). Mr. Philp suggests that "on the internet…not only can't (you) control everything that's said…anymore but (you) can't even decide when (you) want to be observed, and when (you) don't." (ibid)

The implication for recruiters is simply this: Candidates for employment and indeed your current employees can and will monitor your marketplace brand and compare it to your recruitment brand. Disconnects between the two will sabotage your recruitment efforts and potentially damage the health of your organization. Troubles with your marketplace brand will be attached to your recruitment brand.

Your marketplace brand and internal culture and values must be mutually supportive. And, your culture and values must be reflected in your recruitment brand.2 Here are three broad suggestions that will help to ensure that your two brands stay aligned:

  1. In your reputation management plan include monitoring of social media for intelligence about the profile and health of your recruitment brand.3 Respond promptly to any issues.
  2. Assign employees to recruitment efforts who have demonstrated a clear understanding of business methods, norms of behavior and organizational values. Frankly, employees with this kind of intimate knowledge will most likely be operating managers.
  3. Maintain close relationships with external stakeholders in your recruitment process, including campus placement offices and search firms. They can help you monitor the health of your recruitment brand and its alignment with your market place brand.


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